Making Money on iPhone with FeaturePoints

In this article I will share the most simple and perspicuous way for people to make money on the iPhone or iOS devices with FeaturePoints.
Your job is simply downloading and running the software required, with each software you are paid from $ 0.05 to $ 0.1.
Just about 1 hour, you can easily earn $ 5-7.

The main contents of this article:

  1. Why does Feature Points easily pay for you like that?
  2.  What will you get from Feature Points?
  3. The most detailed and perspicuous way to make money with Feature Points.
We can simply understand that FeaturePoints is an intermediate advertising companies.
The software company wants its software to be highly ranked in the world, so they are willing to pay a large sum of money for FeaturePoints to seek market for them, and of course we will be given a part of that money.
On first account $10 seems to be quite a large sum, but in fact by downloading and installing the software on your iPhone we can earn that amount in less than one hour.
Have you got excited yet?

What will you get from Feature Points?

  • Paypal money (you can draw on your credit card or your bank account)
  • iTunes money (paid by iTunes Gift Card)
  •  Amazon money (paid by Gift Card)
  • The copyrighted software
  • $329 iPad Mini
  • ...

Let see the image below:

Reward received when changing the Point on FeaturePoints:

Rewards FeaturePoints

Rewards FeaturePoints

Are you ready?

The way to make money with FeaturePoints:

1. Visit FeaturePoints at: with your iPhone to receive 50 Points at the beginning.
Sign Up FeaturePoints
Click on “Get started and sign up

Then press “Let's Go” so that FeaturePoints can check your device.
Tap to Let's go

Finally press the Install button to complete the installation process.

Install FeaturePoints

After the installation process is complete, you will be taken back to the home page of FeaturePoints, fill 1N09CL code to receive more $50 :D

2. Tap to the Get Points button at the bottom left to start making money by downloading software :D

There is a point to note here is that with your country IP each day you can just download a few software. To earn more money you should use VPN One Click.

You can download VPN One Click in the iPhone Appstore and then easily install.
This software will help you change the IP to U.S, U.K, Australia, Canada,... from which you can download dozens of software every day to make money :D.
After the download is complete, you remember to open it up for about 30 seconds for FeaturePoints to add points to your account :D

After a certain point, exactly at least 3000 points, you can have $5 in  your Paypal.
Just click on
Rewards of  FeaturePoints, then choose the amount you want to change and enter your Paypal account to receive money:  

After receiving a notice which means you have succeeded, you will receive an email like this:

You can login Paypal to receive money at once

I would not wish everyone good luck and success in doing this work, because it is sure that anyone reading this article will have a stable source of income from FeaturePoints!
Have fun with FeaturePoints :D

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